Spring Fling 2024

While the weather outside was crisp and breezy, inside the Hilton Garden Inn at Innsbrook the warm atmosphere of friendly conversation and socializing set the stage for a terrific Spring Fling. 

Due to Covid, our Chapter had not had a Spring Fling since 2019 and this year’s was special.  Spring Fling this year was focused on our members with presentations and displays by our Neighborhood Groups and three interesting round-robin presentations to inspire us in our sewing, in organizing our sewing spaces and in ways to make our sewing experience more relaxing. 

Blue Ridge Stitchers

Fashion Focus

Fashion Funway

Fiber Art Fusion

Sew and Sew Forth

Sew Connected

Sew Much Fun


West End

"Happy Feet" Sneaker class with  national educator Joan Radell

The Hilton Garden provided an excellent lunch that included not only sandwich making but two wonderful vegetarian salads.  And if you like chocolate, the brownies were to die for!

The first presentation “Sew Easy Yoga” was by Val Saholsky, a certified Yoga Teacher.  She demonstrated slow, easeful movements that decrease tension in the shoulders, neck, back, hands and wrist.  Members were encouraged to join in.  These simple movements can be beneficial in making sewing more enjoyable by reducing repetitive strain and joint discomfort. A number of members leaving her presentation were heard to comment how relaxed they felt after her presentation. 

Val Saholsky

The second presentation, “Reimagining Your Sewing Space” by Adrienne Bennett, encouraged members to think about how to make their sewing spaces better.  Do you need to start at the beginning with an empty room?  Adrienne provide advice on how to start from scratch, things one need to consider like lighting, air flow, power sources and what needs to be in your room.  She gave us the pros and cons on purchasing sewing machine cabinets and of course, tips on storage.  Lots of ideas and pictures for repurposing furniture, cabinets, closets and containers to better organize our fabrics, supplies and threads. 

Adrienne Bennett

Sharon Dintaman, a costume designer for 20 years who worked with a number of local theatre companies, provided us with insight into “Sustainability Through Reimagining Garments.”   She showed a number of re-purposed and upgraded garments made by both her and her mother.  Her talk included comments on the inspiration for these re-imagined pieces, such as finding an inspiration garment in a thrift store that just need some elements changed or using a technique like making a t-shirt quilt but reimagining it as a t-shirt jacket.  She encouraged members not to fear failure and pointed out that the cost of repurposing a thrift store garment was significantly less than starting with new fabric. 

Sharon Dintaman

Many thanks to the committee members, the round-robin presenters and the Neighborhood Groups for their time and effort in making Spring Fling 2024 special!


Table Decorations by Wendy Buettner

Members listen to the NG presentations.

Enjoying the company of one another.